Sunday, February 18, 2018

Meet Kendall!

Can you believe the AG store in St. Louis is closing?

I mean, I can. The Chesterfield Mall, where it's located, doesn't get a ton of business--whenever we've gone to the store, it's always nearly deserted. Maybe one other family. Even on big release days or new doll debuts it's never crowded. So I'm sure it's not pulling a lot of revenue for American Girl. Even still, it's a little disappointing--now the closest AG store is hours and hours away.

We took one last trip to the store last weekend, though, and somedolly came home with us. I now have completed my WellieWishers group--I have all five of them!

That's right, I bought Kendall!
Say hello to this crafty new friend! It's only been a week, but she's fitting right in. I love her!
I already owned her toolkit (the old-style one, my favorite) from the last Cyber Monday sale. She was happy to have her favorite accessories!

Don't forget to check out Kendall's shiny profile on Meet the Dolls, and have a fun day!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What's been going on, Lissie?

I'll tell you.

But first, happy new year! And be greeted by these smiling faces:

Space lovers, unite!

I've always been excited by human spaceflight. I've done a school report on Neil Armstrong, I'm subscribed to the NASA Johnson YouTube channel, and Andy Weir's The Martian is one of my favorite books. So naturally, I approve of Luciana's theme, though its gets annoying how the plot of her book (and given, I haven't read all of it) is driven by her making stupid mistake after stupid mistake because she never reads important rules or directions. Not to mention that the Space Camp website says campers have to wear shorts under dresses, and there's Lulu in her galaxy dress with nothing on under but her tighty-whities.

But anyway, space!

Also, I went to the AG store yesterday. As you can see above, I bought the Wave Shorts and Luciana's pajamas. I also got one of the Luciana debut tees, even though they were only given out on the first. My mom had the idea for me to ask if they had any left over, and they did! Hurrah! I'm also proud of that because talking to people is not my strong suit (more on that later).

In non-AG news, say hello to a new friend!

Hi there! Also, I'll be on About Me and Meet the Dolls!

In keeping with the space theme, this is little stargazer Lottie! I've been admiring groundbreaking Irish doll company Lottie for a while, but finally ordered my first doll from them, through Amazon, with some Christmas money. I also got some pajamas for her. I love her so much!

"I need some space"... which is true in more ways than one.

And then there's the other news, what else happened since my last full blog post. You may have guessed it if you've read some of the pages on my blog--the ones Lottie mentions up there.

I had some testing done and found out that I have autism, and social anxiety disorder. We've suspected it for a long time, and now it's for-sure true.

I could type all day about what that means in my life, but I've got other stuff to do today. So if you've got any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.

Well, thank you for reading, and for sticking with me...

..."To the moon and back"!

See ya!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Meet Ashlyn!

It's been awhile, hasn't it? School, you know. But I'll spare you a boring explanation and cut to the cuteness. Meet the newest member of the doll gang--Ashlyn!

Actually, first, here's Emerson modeling her new Casually Cozy Outfit.

 It's so cute!
 I love the little mitten pockets--Emmie can actually put her hands in them!

Reid joining in!

And now, say hello to Ashlyn!
"Hi! I'm Ashlyn, but you can call me Princess Ashlyn. I like tea parties and mud puddles!"

  She's a bit tough to photograph in this outfit--when you set your camera exposure to capture her dark hair, eyes, and vinyl, this light-colored outfit gets all washed out. If anyone has any tips for this, I'd love to see them--drop me a comment!
 Love her freckles!
 I also love how the Wellies can balance so well in a walking pose. It makes for really fun photos.
 I thought these flowers would be a nice compliment to Ashlyn's pink outfit, but I'm not sure if it worked.

 This top is so cute--and really soft!
 Ashlyn has these gorgeous highlights in her hair. They catch the light beautifully.

Well, check "Meet the Dolls" to see Ash's profile! I love her so much.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, August 14, 2017

Little Muffins for a Little Doll

It's been a pretty exhausting two weeks around here. First I was at summer camp, and then I brought home a nasty cold and am just now getting over it. Plus I got a new bed and rearranged the dollhouse.
Today, though, I took a cute picture:
Camille enjoyed some homemade mini muffins!

Have a nice day, everyone!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Giveaway at Doll Days!

Picture credit:

Hey, guys. This is just a heads-up: Doll Days is having a giveaway for a mini Tenney and Tenney's Journal! Head on over to enter!

Disclosure: I did this post to receive an extra entry in the giveaway.