Monday, February 29, 2016

Becca's Comin'! Or, Meet Becca Louise

I've got really exciting news today!

A few weeks ago, my grandmother, Gammo, gave my family her Springfield doll!
Rebecca Louise ******! (Sorry, she has Gammo's last name, and I'm trying to stay private.)

Becca Louise will be rotating between my dollhouse, Hazel's dollhouse, and Reid's dollhouse, spending a week at each. (For the full details of the plan, see Becca's profile on the "Meet the Dolls" page.)

Anyway, time for some fun with Becca Louise! She helped me to make hot cocoa for breakfast at Gammo's house:
 "Hi, everybody! I'm Becca Louise!"
 "Today I'm gonna make some hot cocoa!"
 "Off to the kitchen for ingredients!"
 "Hmm, let's see... milk, cocoa mix, marshmallows, cup, and spoon. Yep, got everything!"
"Let's do this!"
"Some cocoa..."
"A little milk..."
"Now mix it all together..."
"Add some more milk..."
"And we're finally ready to put it in the microwave!"

"Hurry up already!"
"33 seconds? I can't wait that long!"

"Yay! Finally done!"

"What's a good mug of hot cocoa without marshmallows?"
"Yummy! It's finally done!"

When I got Becca Louise home, it was time for a spa day. Becca needed a cleaning up before she could join her new families.
"Ahh, a relaxing spa day-- just what I need! Also, PSA for all you doll owners out there: please don't post naked pictures of your doll! It really embarrasses us! Lissie let me put on a towel, thankfully."

The first order of business was to use a little baking soda and water to clean the spots on Becca Louise's vinyl.
It's the stuff of miracles!

First this spot on Becca's cheek.
Before: (it looked like a mole)
 After: clean, clear face!
 Next, Becca's arm, which had no one but TWO marks.
 After: the weird dot is still there, but the more egregious mark is gone.
Now, Becca's feet.
 After: not much of a difference, actually... oh, well.
 Next, Becca's heels.
Before: one has a grey spot, and the other has a white spot.
 After: the grey one's still there, but the white one is a little less noticeable.

Next it was time for the big whammy: deep-conditioning her frizzy, split-ends-y hair.
First, some Before pictures:
 The ends of Becca Louise's hair were frizzy, dry, and generally not lookin' too hot.
Here's a close-up picture.

Now, Becca getting ready (on my lap) for her hair conditioning:
 And her hair soaking:
 And drying:
 Next, I carefully combed her hair with the AG hair pick. (Sorry for the messy bathroom!)
 It looks so much nicer now!

The ends are so much smoother and nicer!

 Welcome, Becca Louise!
Bonus pic: Reid and Becca! So cute! (Also, for some reason, Reid wants me to write that he doesn't like the pajama shirt he's wearing in this picture, which I don't understand, because I think it's so cute!)

Thanks for reading!

P. S. Don't worry! I'm still planning to get the "My Favorite Links" page filled out. I've just been really busy recently, what with my trip and all.

Doll Jewelry Giveaway at Lissie & Lilly!

Hi everybody! I just wanted to share that, over on Lissie & Lilly, one of my favorite blogs, they're doing a giveaway for some awesome doll jewelry inspired by Lea Clark!
Here's what you can win:

This set comes with 2 pairs of earring dangles and a bracelet for your dolls.

And this one comes with 2 more pairs of earring dangles!

So click here to read how to enter!

(Disclaimer: I don't own the photos, they belong to Lissie & Lilly.)

Trip to St. Louis and Portland (and 2(!) AG stores!) - Feb. 2016 PHOTO HEAVY

My trip to St. Louis and Portland was AWESOME!
Warning: Photo heavy post!
First is pictures from the drive, then photos of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, then pictures from the St. Louis zoo, then pictures from both AG stores, and then finally, at the end, I'll show the stuff that I got.
[Not pictured: the City Museum in St. Louis, which was SO COOL!]

 Mini Molly started to get a little bored, understandably. 2.5 days of driving could make anyone bored!
 Roadtrip selfie!
 I call this one "Greetings from the Middle of Nowhere!" Like on a postcard, you know...?
 Yep, that's me.
GORGEOUS Wyoming sunrise! Seriously, the picture does not do it justice! 
 Silly Mini Molly somehow got it into her head that she would drive...
 ...and steer...
 ...and pump the gas...
 ...and read the directions.
This will be her new profile pic! 

Gateway Arch
 It is HUGE!!! I seriously couldn't believe it. It made me feel so small, like, well, like a doll!
 This is exactly how huge, in case you were wondering.
It was unbelievable to actually get to touch it. Lots of people had carved their names into it, but I didn't. Nope, no vandalism for me!

A cardinal, for the St. L baseball team! Sorry for the lack of focus...
The big ol' silverback gorilla was really impressive! And he got really close!
Ooh, look at his hand!
Ginger, the baby orangutan, was SOOO CUTE! We spent a looong time looking at her and taking pictures. Lanie would approve! And it really was fascinating. We got to see Ginger practicing climbing a rope, and--get this! Her mama orang held onto the bottom of the rope to hold it still for her baby! Animals really are a lot smarter than we often give them credit for. I felt like Jane Goodall, only with orangutans, not chimpanzees (although we did see some of those too).
How could you resist that sweet face?
Giraffes are TALL! This one was having fun with a branch in his (or her) mouth.

AG Stores
My sister Hazel and I noticed lots of stuff about various products that we never would have noticed online. I'm writing it all out here for online buyers' benefit.
Ahhh! So exciting!
This picture is in honor of my dad, who LOVES antique records.
 Samantha's nightgown is made of a thin, stiff fabric, much like Caroline's.
 Is it just me, or does something not look quite right with Jip?
 Behind the scenes at the doll hair salon!
 A look at the new "walking" style stands that come with the new LE minis.
Attack of the LE minis!
Maryellen's PJs are made of a really nice material. It has these textured dots on it...
 ...but not on the inside.
Nutmeg is really small!
The Himalayan Kitten does not look happy to have to go in her kennel.
This is the form from the pet vet set. It is labeled "Helping Paw Pet Care Clinic". Your doll can grade her pet on "snuggling", "tail wagging", "treat eating", "butterfly chasing", and "napping". Definitely sounds like it is more geared  towards dogs than cats.
 You can really press the keys on Kit's typewriter! And a little arm really comes up! And the paper really moves along! I love typewriters, and this one is really realistic! :-)
 The bindings that attach the ski boots to the skis are pretty realistic, speaking as an actual skier!
Hazel pointed out that the inside of the casts from the Feel-Better Kit are lined with soft, foamy material so they don't scratch your doll's vinyl.
She's lookin' pretty awesome for sure. Go, dolly, go!
The Seaside Fun Outfit's hoodie is made of really nice material.
 The dress from the Recess Ready Outfit is made of a glimmery and sort of scratchy fabric.
The outdoor cookstove folds up nicely!
Even Bitties can use the doll holder!
This set looks like fun! Who doesn't want to design graphic tees for their doll?
 Whoops! You meant Rainbow SPRINKLES, AG.
The TM couch is not very soft, but the pillows sure are!
 This outfit is so ugly it's hilarious!
 A look at the grips from the gymnastics set. They aren't very realistic, from my limited knowledge of gymnastics, but they sure work!
The flowers from the gardening bench set come out of their pots and even have worms! (Thanks, Hazel!)
 Cute Creativi-tees!
AG has a store-exclusive summer set again. It consists of a red tote bag with sequins, pink flip-flops much like the ones from the Floral Swim Set, a [pretend] strawberry sparkling juice beverage, and a mini summer AG mag from a few years back. I can't see this one selling too well, and I predict it will probably go on sale by the end of the summer.
Big Coco plushies! So huggable, but not in scale to the dolls.
 I wasn't aware these were a thing, but hey, you learn something new every day! They are doll tiaras, and they seem pretty small to be so expensive. But that's how AG rolls, right?
Grace looks super ticked off for some reason!
Maryellen's collection!

 The tennis outfit has shorts attached to the dress! Also, the material is very swimsuit like: thin and stretchy. Both of these were a surprise to me, but my mom says this is normal for tennis outfits. Hey, I wouldn't know! I don't do tennis.
The tiara from the ballet set is pretty small, although I wasn't that surprised to be honest.
The newspaper toy from the sporty pet outfit is so cute! It says, "The Dog Tribune; Woof Edition" with sections "Raining Cats &Dogs", "Sit, Stay, Beg", and "Chow Down". Again, definitely more doggish than cattish.
In case you were wondering what the Truly Me meet undies look like... (they match the dress nicely)
33 and 61 really look like they could be sisters...
...And so do 22 and 27!
Oh no! There's a worm in the apple! And an ant on the napkin! Don't eat it, Bitty Baby! (Caption by Hazel)
The doll stands poke into the Bitties' sleepers! That looks uncomfortable!
Dog treats do not fit in bowl...
The arms on this pet bed look like they would break easily.
This is what it shows on the inside of the card from the doll hair-curling kit.
The armwarmers from the Warm Winter accessories are so soft, so cute, and so warm! Hazel, who bought this set, says the armwarmers are hard to get on, but I disagree. They're a bit tight, but it's not bad.
This sweater (Warm Winter Outfit) looks really crazy in pictures, especially with two different styles of knitting, but it actually all seems to work out in person.
The soles of the boots from this outfit have cute snowflakey soles! (Thanks, Hazel!) I wasn't expecting this but I really like it!
The soap from the bathtub set comes out of the tray. It actually says "soap" on it and has little dots. Not too realistic...
...but nothing compared to these HILARIOUS plastic bubble lumps! I laughed so hard. XD
There are not enough bubbles to fill the tub. In the display, the bottom two-thirds of the tub were filled with crumpled-up paper. I know that's so it will be right when your doll gets in, but it still just seems cheap to me.

The plates from the sleepover set are PAPER, not plastic! Disappointed!
...But you really can play the Blokus set! I have a real Blokus set, and I appreciate this!
Curlers! She's probably been like this in this display for so long that when they finally take them out, she will have some serious waves.

The blanket and pillow are SO SOFT! The pillow in particular surprised me, I was expecting a stiffer felt.

The straightener and the blow-dryer from the Salon Stylist Set have rubbery handle-straps so the doll can hold them.
You really can open the straightener, although, alas, it doesn't really straighten you doll's hair.
You can't fit all the rollers in the apron at once! Perhaps if you took the clips out, though, you might be able to...
The doll rings are small and don't go all the way around!
Geez! Is every pet gonna be mad at me?
Well, she looks a little happy now that I gave back her fish, but she's still eyeing me suspiciously.
Not. Real. Pockets.
The straps really un-velcro and the tongues come out! The better to dress you with, my dear.
The Feel-Better Kit comes with this pamphlet about sports injuries.
The wheelchair really works, although the brakes don't.
Hazel pointed out that the finger splint from the Feel-Better Kit leaves a dent in your doll's vinyl! The horror!
Ahh! Now she looks relaxed!
You can really read every one of Kit's newspapers!
The case for her notepad is so cute! You could even just use it as a purse. And it even has a little pocket for her pen!
Julie's hugging monkeys come apart so you can play with them separately. They have velcro on their hands/paws, much like Lea's sloth.
Kit's hair, with the BeForever update, is really short! Hazel is glad that she got Georgia (her Kit doll) before the revamp.
Three things about the plates from Julie's snack set:
1. The plates do come off the holders (good)
2. The plates are paper, not plastic (bad)
3. The holders have holes in the middle! (also bad)
Julie's popcorn is all one piece
The material for Kaya's meet dress is a little different (stiffer and thinner) than I imagined.
Kit's hat (from her meet accessories) is sort of thin and stiff as well. I was expecting it to be a little woolier.
Grace is terrifying poor Scooter!
The material for this one (the pow-wow outfit) is marginally better. It has real embroidery and not just graphics, though!
Every single doll was like this. Pull up your underpants, Maryellen!
The material of her poodle skirt is so nice and soft! It feels like a blanket!
You really can read this newspaper! And my mom, who is a pediatrician, approves of the pro-vaccine message too!
The inside (it's just one sheet of paper)...
...and the back.
Her "TV Guide" has a lot of pages which you can really read!
My mom pointed out that even when you adjust for scale, Mini Julie's hair is way longer compared to big Julie's!
Also, with Mini J's skimpy dress, you can really get a look at those hard vinyl bodies the minis are now sporting. I personally liked the fabric bodies better.
Mini books are now paperback instead of hardcover! I liked the old style better.
Two very different chairs at the hair salon in Portland. I was a little surprised not only by this but by the fact that there are two, since it had been advertised that there was only one. My guess is that there was originally one, but it had been more popular than they expected and they added another one.
Josefina has LONG hair! It is also very smooth and shiny.
She has different, more sparse eyebrows too.
Rebecca's makeup box is fancy. It says "1914" on it.
Inside, there is a mirror and some fancy-looking makeup boxes.
The inside of the program is nice and detailed!
Lea's waterproof camera is so cute!
Here;s the other side. The picture does not change, and you can't press the buttons.
I didn't notice it before, but behind the parrot print on Lea's PJs, there's another, more subtle, print. You can't really notice it on the doll-size version, only the girl-sized one.

Lea's girl-sized dress is VERY stretchy. That's actually good news as it means that a wider variety of sizes of girls could fit in it.
Something else I noticed: on the girl-sized dress, the yellow trim is a rope, made up of two strands...
...while on the doll, it's a braid, made with three strands!

Lea's earrings. They're small but cute!
You can really read her sea turtle guide.
Something is bothering me about her passport. Aren't you not supposed to smile for your passport photo?
Lots of Lea, waiting to go to their new homes.
Bug spray! So Lea doesn't get Zika Virus traveling to Brazil!
Lea's margay is really floppy! It feels like it needs way more stuffing.
Lea's strawberries look so cute and fresh!
Out of focus, but these are my favorite earrings AG has ever made!
Hazel's mini Saige somehow got into the fruit stand and snagged herself a free acai bowl!
They still sell the Grace baking supplies. The spatulas were displayed in these fun, eye-catching blue crystals!
Time to wash the dogs!
Who let the dog into the salon!? It's tipping over the chair! That dolly does NOT look happy!
...and more dolls.
I like the idea of a removable layer on this dress.
Two layers on this one too, but they don't come apart like on the other one.

Real woven basket!
Blurry again, but the minis love Lea's hammock!
The print on Lea's pillow is really nice!
I love this speckly rice bowl for some reason!
According to an AG employee, the entire COMPANY is sold out of sloths until JUNE! Oh no!
Then Hazel, Reid, and I crammed into the girl-size hut for a photo op! (I'm the tallest one.)
...And now you can see where the minis decided to hang out in the hut!
The Bitties are SO CUTE! I just wanted to hug every single one!
This is what they mean by "textured" hair. It feels all bumpy.
Mini Molly though that these giant babies were hilarious! But seriously, aren't they cute together?

They have this station where you can learn to swaddle a baby.
All-plastic visor. :-P
I love the bunny tail!
See? They're so sweet!
One of my favorite phrases!

Yum--Bitty O's!
The food jars are labeled "Strawberry Yogurt" and "Blueberries", respectively.
I didn't know this was a actual book! It has cute illustrations!
The blanket comes with the starter set.

The ponytail hole in the back shows that this sweater could work for other dolls, not just Bitty Baby.
Then the minis decided to hijack Bitty's picnic!
This outfit is so much cuter in person! It has the words "berries" and "cherries" all over the dress.
Awww again!
This hat has this strange little overlap in front, but I actually think it's cute!
I love these shoes!
The flower is attached to the romper, and the shirt is seperate
Mini photobomb!
The girl-sized shorts have this weird little hole on the side.
They have all the bitties sitting on these little stools. Is it just me, or does it make them look like they're using the potty?

Little Bitty Twins!
The Bistro is fancy!
This is apparently the "Style of the Month" for February: Two braids with bows.
When you get the Spa Package, it comes with all this stuff!
One of the stylists.
So many options for Creativi-tees...
...and they look so good!
27 and 63 also look a lot alike!
This is a fun setup!

Mini Molly: Hey, you think YOU'RE master of the bar? Well, then you've got another think comin', missy!
This looks... frankly dangerous for a little mini!
No way are you gonna lose your doll with these super-glitzy outfits!

I want to take you home!!! Also, smaller than I expected.

Penguin icepack! So cute! Also, Mini Molly is doing a serious braid photobomb.
Apron is longer than dress! It doesn't look so good...
The arm crutches are line with foam, which is pretty smart in my opinion.
Crutch comparison!

The snack-cart wheels don't really roll.

This is what it would look like if you doll wore both crutches at once. (silly)

Minis on the way to the store!
Selfie with my brother!

Sombrita is looking in two directions at once! But it just looks really cute, not wacky.
The minis loved rocking out to Maryellen's jukebox!
Here's how the popsicle holders work!
Hey! That's Alyssa!
Hazel's Mini Saige loves herself some popcorn!
The Doodle Backpack strap comes apart with velcro!
Mini Saige snags some milk!

This doll is cute!

Mini Saige enjoyed a buckin' dalmatian bronco!

...And so did Mini Molly!
Kaya looks cozy bundled up like that!
Samantha being a soda jerk! Seriously, they were actually called that in those days!
The menu
There's these little tabby-lookin' things on the back of the cash register. You can't actually move them, but they sure look cool!
The minis loved hanging out in Samantha's gazebo...
 ...And Mini Molly loved her petit fours!
What I Got
[not shown: my mom got me some AG flip-flops for the summer] 
Claire is proud to present (and wear!) what we got!
Ta-da!!! I got...
The PWP dress set, 
Lea's PJs,
Lea's Rainforest Hike Outfit (which Claire is modeling),
and the Rainbow Sprinkles Outfit.
I really like all the stuff I got!
 The dress also comes with the headband and bracelet. No shoes, though.
 These pajamas are so bright and colorful!
 I like how many pieces this outfit comes with. And they're all great for mix-and-match!
Two surprising things about this one:
1. The pants are kinda stiff, not leggings.
2. The shirt is not hemmed (except for the dotted part)!
And I love the shoes!

My trip was so fun! Thanks for reading through this whole long post!