Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Package from AG! + Meet Mini Kirsten

Yesterday, the package I have been patiently waiting for arrived!

You guessed it: it's from AG!
 Mini Marie-Grace took it upon herself to cover our address... by sitting on it:
 Mini Molly and Hazel's Mini Saige were excited to open it!
 And this wonderful sight greeted them...!
 Hazel got a mini Kirsten. Reid got an LE mini Kaya. And I got...

First, the on-sale, aptly named "Brown Shoes" (which we all know are from Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set from last year).
 I got them mainly to replace Molly's meet shoes. Molly's shoes are kinda cute, I guess, but they're made of one molded piece of plastic, which makes them look kind of cheap. Plus, I'm terrified that one of these days I'm going to break the straps when I get them on/off her.
 And true to my hopes, these ones are so nice! They really could be from any era. And they're such high quality!
The shiny gold buckles are just sewn over velcro, but I'm okay with that. It makes them easy to get on.

Next, the Canvas Shoes. I always liked them, but at 14$, they were a bit too expensive. But they were on sale for half off, so yay!

So cute!

Next up, Addy's nightgown. I love the colors!

 The booties are soft!
 Such nice detailing! That's what really makes the outfit.
 Slightly creased from being in the box, but then again a lot of clothes come like that. They always smooth out after a few weeks, though.
 I love this loopy-edged ribbon, although I wish you could just get two ribbons instead of them being sewn to combs. It would be more versatile that way.
The combs seem kind of flimsy and cheap. A little kid might break them.

Next-to-last is Maryellen's Play Outfit.

 So the fandom isn't the only ones who call her ME for short!
So cute and summery! I wish the bandanna was a little longer, though.

And finally...
meet Mini Kirsten! She is SO CUTE!!

 Hazel got one too!
 She fits right in with the mini family.

 What a cute calico print!
 The striped socks might just be my favorite part!
 Real pocket, and removable apron! Yay for tiny details!
 Hazel's mini Saige stole her mini Kirsten's apron and pretended to be a pioneer girl. Silly mini!

Meanwhile, my mini K now belongs to Izzy.
We took the Kirstens outside for a picnic lunch in the sunshine. Yay, spring break!

Afterwards, I did a little mini-photoshoot because Kirsten needed a profile picture.
 I finally got around to cleaning my lens, and I'm so glad I did. Now my pictures aren't all smudgy and blurry anymore!

 What a cutie pie!

And I think this is the winning picture!

I'm so happy with what I got! Thanks for reading!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Exposure 101

So, I was messing around with my camera and figured out how to adjust the exposure! And boy, does it make a difference! So of course I had to take some pictures to test it out:


And then I took Izzy and her little stuffed tiger outside!
I had a little bit of fun with the exposure:
Uhhh... too much. Her eyes, though...


 Wild tiger!
I love how changing the exposure can make the picture have different effects.

 ...or nighttime.
 Just be careful where in the frame the sun goes!
Being a photographer can be messy!

The daffodils are out!

I call this one either Georgia O'Keefe or A Bee's-Eye View.

This was really fun, and I highly recommend trying out the exposure settings on your camera if you haven't already!