Saturday, April 30, 2016

Claire on the Playground - A photoshoot

When I went to the playground today, I didn't just take pictures for the Lirii Hollow logo. I took some other cute ones too!

 Hazel brought her doll Kate (MyAG #55). We took a few pictures together.

 This little tube thing on the playground was just crying out for doll faces in the peepholes:

 And the jungle gym, too:

 And these-- um, weird red and white thingies that are really fun but I don't know what they're called:

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!


P.S. A post with my opinions on the new AG releases is coming soon!

Summer Series 2016: Lirii Hollow

Remember several days ago I said that there would be something exciting coming to my blog?


...It's here!


My announcement is that I'm going to be doing a photostory series this summer!

It's called...

Lirii Hollow!

Believe it or not, I've been planning this for a couple years. And I've been working on writing it for almost a year.

I'm really excited!

The first episode will be coming up in about two weeks. Next weekend I have a swim meet, so I'll try to put up the first episode the weekend after that.

And yeah, I know it's a summer series and summer isn't for a while yet. But I'm actually moving in August and I want to have it finished by then if I can.

Now, details you actually care about!

Lirii Hollow stars Claire Findley as Aevlia Arden, a twelve-year-old girl who thinks that, besides the fact that she's been an orphan since she was four and she's lived in a group home ever since, she's completely ordinary. But one summer, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and so she packs her bag, hops a van, and sets off for the greatest adventure ever. At Camp Lirii Hollow, she finds not only new friends, new activities, and magic behind every tree, but also that maybe she's not so ordinary after all.

Get excited!


P.S. Bonus pictures! I had to take a lot to get a logo picture, so here are some extras!

I thought Molly looked so cute like this! And, fun fact, I made the book myself, and, yes, it will be important to the story.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Dollytown Scoop: April 27th, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of The Dollytown Scoop! Let's get started with the news, shall we?

This is from the American Girl website. Notice what the second girl from the left is wearing. Her pink star shirt is the only piece of clothing in the picture that actually is from AG... only it's not. The actual outfit has a purple shirt:
Perhaps the pink one was a prototype? I actually like it better... too bad they decided on purple instead. Maybe they thought that another pink-shirt-grey-skirt outfit would be too similar to the old True Spirit outfit, which was retired right when this was released.

The other piece of news I have today is a little weirder.
Rumors had been flying around a few days ago that Truly Me doll #46 would be retiring. But when someone on Facebook asked AG to confirm this, this was the reply they got:
We are sorry for any disappointment but that Truly Me doll is currently unavailable. However, we have some very exciting plans for this doll coming next year... We can't wait to share more details as they become available so please stay tuned!

Hmmm, what do you think is going on? Is this doll getting a revamp?

Well, that's it for today. Thanks for reading, and please don't forget to answer my poll!


Review: Springfield Doll "Emma"

 Hello! Today I'm going to be doing something that's a little different from what I normally post, but I think you'll enjoy it. I'm doing... a review of Becca Louise! (In case you don't know, she's the Springfield doll my family shares.) 

But why, you may ask, did you say Emma up there^?

 Becca Louise... has been renamed. She was sold as Emma.

Now let's get started, shall we?
 The Springfield Collection is a line of five 18-inch play dolls. Like American Girl, they have soft bodies, vinyl heads and limbs, sleep eyes, and brushable hair. Each doll comes with a dress... and nothing else, which I guess is their way of trying to get you to buy some more of their doll clothes.

Don't hold it over them though, because they're much cheaper than AG- only 21.99. You can buy them on their website:, or at stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann's, where they are frequently on sale for even cheaper.

Now let's start looking at the details!
 Here is Becca Louise/Emma next to Molly, who is an American Girl doll, and is similar to Emma. (Note: in all the pictures, Molly is on the left, and Emma is on the right.)
 One of the biggest differences between the two is their cloth bodies. Emma's is squishier than Molly's. Also, Emma doesn't really have a waist like Molly does, which makes clothes for the two brands fit a little differently--more on that later.
 Both dolls have have long, brown hair and bangs, but their bangs look a little different. Molly's bangs are sewn to her wig cap at one central spot, giving them a wedge shape. Emma's hair is rooted (more on that later) and her bangs are attached in a horizontal line, giving them a rectangular shape.
 Emma's arms are just a bit shorter than Molly's. Her "skin" color is a bit darker too, like maybe she got a tan.
 Springfield dolls have bigger hands than AG. Their fingers are in different positions. And in addition, though you can't see it here, each of Emma's hands are in a different position. (Molly's hands are almost mirror images of each other.)
 The Springfield dolls have longer, narrower feet than the AGs. Their toes are a little more detailed.
 Here you can see the bottoms of their feet. While AGs have flat-bottomed feet, Springfield dolls have detailed feet bottoms. This is more realistic, but makes it harder for Emma to stand unsupported.
 Both have sleep eyes that close when you lie them down, which is lots of fun for play.
 Their eyes are similar. Here's Molly's eye...
 ...compared to Emma's eye.
 On the back of Emma's neck is stamped:
© FCM 1996
You can also see that her head is held on with a zip tie, not neck strings. The opening for the zip tie is not hemmed, and it's fraying.
It's hard to get Emma to stand up on her own.
You can see here that she has to lean farther forward to stand up than Molly has to.
Emma's limbs are slimmer than Molly's, but they can still share clothes fairly well (more on that later).
Now, to Emma's hair.
Her hair is very long. It's brown, but under some lightings, it can look a little greenish, which is weird.
Her hair is rooted rather than in a wig, (My family calls it dollicles.) and her scalp is painted brown to match the hair, but it still looks a little weird.
She had gorgeously smooth hair right out of the box, but it quickly accumulated split ends and dryness at the ends.
The top half of her hair, however, is still nice. Still, we usually like to keep Emma's hair in a braid so it doesn't get messier. It's just so long!
Another odd thing about her hair is that it isn't all the same length. And it's not in neat layers either, it's just sort of random.
Her hair originally came in a ponytail, so we thought maybe the weird lengths were so it would be all the same length when it was pulled back.


As far as I can tell, Emma's joints are attached the same way Molly's are, but they seem a little more flexible.
It's a little hard to see in this picture, but Emma had these weird spots on her heels even when she was new. A little baking soda scrubbing got one mostly off, but it's still visible if you look closely, and the other spot is still there as well.
Emma came with this basic short dress-- and nothing else. It's pink and sleeveless, with a satin ribbon around the chest.
I'm not a big fan of it-- the material is cheap and thin, and has some raw edges.
The ribbon always seems a little rumpled.
There is velcro in the back, and it always snags on the dress material.
In addition, there are a couple of flaps of fabric at the end of the velcro that always stick up unattractively.
The stitching has started to come out along the neckline.

Now we'll be taking a look at how Springfield dolls and American Girl dolls can (or can't) share clothing.

Getting Emma's dress up over Molly's rear took some doing, and it stretched out the fabric.
 The dress is very tight on Molly, and very short as well.
Here Emma is wearing an American Girl swimsuit bottom. Emma doesn't have as much of a butt or a waist as the American Girls do, so it looks a little odd on her.
This skirt is handmade, but is fitted for American Girls. The waist is a little loose on Emma.
This shirt fits better, but is definitely looser on her than on Molly.

Shoe time!
Since Emma didn't come with any shoes, Molly is trying on a different pair of Springfield shoes, which are sold separately. They fit well lengthwise, but were a little tricky to get on Molly because the openings are narrow.
Here Emma is wearing a pair of AG flats. They are a little short for her, and you can see her toes pressing against the toes of the shoes.
These AG sneakers look a little better on her, but wiggle around on her feet-- they're a little wide for her.
Emma's eyebrows are a lot like AG straight eyebrows, but darker and not as well defined.
Here you can see that Emma's eyebrows (when her bangs are parted) are much darker and more noticeable than Molly's.
Well, that's it for this review! The bottom line: These dolls are lower quality than AG, but the lower price makes them worth it. And they are still super fun to play with!


P.S. Bonus pictures!
Oddly enough, I find it easier to get her to stand leaning over like this than up straight! Or maybe it's just the shoes...
While taking the pictures for this review, I noticed that she has a small hole on her pinky finger! I hadn't noticed this before, and I don't know how long it's been there.

P.P.S. I finally have enough material for the first Dollytown Scoop! Keep an eye out for it!

P.P.P.S. (hint hint) Something exciting will be coming to the blog in a few weeks! I'm not going to reveal anything now, but it's going to be super awesome!