Friday, August 12, 2016

The Dollytown Scoop: August 12th, 2016


Have I really not posted a Scoop since June? Aiee! There's been so many interesting things happening!
 Let's get started.

First, we have a leaked outfit, probably a holiday dress for this holiday season. And I like it! It's a different color from we usually see, and it looks very stylish. :-) Here we see a dress, purse, and shoes, although I bet it will also come with a hair accessory and tights, like in previous years.
This leaked image seems to show a revamp of the spa collection: a new salon chair, cape, bath wrap, and storage caddy. I don't need doll-sized salon stuff, so I won't be getting it, though I like the color of the caddy.
Judging by the "MMK" monogram, this must be for Kit. It seems like all the BFs may be getting new outfits soon, which is great. They haven't gotten new stuff in a while.
Anyway, the dress is cute, but I probably won't get it because I don't have Kit, and no one else could wear it because of the monogram. And even if I did have her, I still like my dolls to be able to share and mix and match clothes. It's too bad, because other than the monogram, it's an adorable dress.
Oh, and the shoes actually go to a different outfit which I'll share later.

Next, AG is apparently selling several Maryellen bundle sets on Amazon. You can see them here.

AG is having a sale on school-related items until August 15th. There's some pretty good deals, so be sure to check it out.

Next, AG has trademarked the name "Nanea Mitchell". Could she be the 2017 GOTY, or a new BF?

There have been some leaked stock images of girl-sized holiday outfits. They include a girl-sized version of:
-The plum dress I shared above
-The white and blue winter outfit leaked awhile ago
-A gold sequined outfit
-Some holiday pajamas (I'll show the doll-sized version below)
Unfortunately I don't have permission to use the pictures, but you can see them here at Lissie & Lilly.

Next is another BeForever outfit, possibly for Rebecca:
The colors are nice, but something about it seems "off". I'm not sure what. This is just a prototype, though, so the final, for-sale version will probably look nicer.
Here we have a holiday outfit for the Wellie girls! It looks very Elsa-ish, which makes sense considering the target age for the Wellies. And it looks cute! I love the color.
And here are the holiday PJs! I actually think they're really cute, and I might get them! The colors are nice, and I love those little penguins!
This looks like a dance outfit. I like how it has pants and not a skirt or tights like most AG dance outfits. All those sequins on the top, though... wow! Your doll will not blend into the crowd wearing this, for sure.

So, I can tell AG is gearing up for a big holiday release. Lots of sparkly modern outfits, a new WellieWishers outfit, and a new outfit for each BeForever girl. We'll have to see what they do. Another possibility is that this is the time of year in which we start to see leaks for the new GOTY, so maybe some of these are for her.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Update: Getting back online

Has it really been that long since I posted anything interesting? Wow. Moving is crazy, though. I just wanted to drop a quick note that I'm doing well and I'm not abandoning this blog. Our new house needs new carpet, so I can't be unpacking a ton of stuff yet until we get that in. So I can't unpack my dolls yet, but hopefully I'll be able to find other things to post in the meantime. Like, I'm so overdue for a new Scoop. Once we get Internet set up (I'm at the library right now) I'll be able to post more. Thanks for being paitent!


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