Saturday, September 17, 2016

Goodies from the AG store! + Meet Willa and Emerson! (PIC HEAVY)

Wow, it was a while ago, but, yes, I was able to go to AG St. Louis for Melody's debut! And now I'm finally getting around to sharing what I got, heh heh. Unfortunately, my camera was having some issues and so I wasn't able to take pictures at the store. But here's what I got, including some new dolly friends!
 Ta-da! Here's everything!

First I'll look at the free gifts you got if you went to the debut party:
There were these neat little pennant thingies to color in. I didn't have time to do one in-store so I just brought mine home. I also got these cute retro-looking stickers.
I got one of those lime-green t-shirts we saw leaked. It's super cute! It came in this little envelope with Melody's name and silhouette.
The craft was this cute little garden. It's because, in her books, Melody works on a neighborhood garden. But it would make a great accessory for other dolls, too. The small size makes it perfect for WellieWishers. If you have Lanie, I bet she would like it. And it would even make a nice Victory Garden for Molly! Because, guess what Hazel and I noticed? The seed packets say Jefferson, Illinois on them! When we noticed that, we were talking about it, and the AG employee running the craft table though it was so cool that we knew that that was where Molly lived. :-)

Anyway, onto the things I bought!
I've wanted the striped hoodie for a while, and now I finally got it. It's so cute!
The AG St. Louis shirt was a must! At first, I was disappointed that they only had this white design. I like the red one a little better. But then I realized that I was glad. This way, it doesn't look exactly like the Seattle shirt I have.
I love the holiday pajamas! It's a little hot for them now, but I'm sure the dolls will be clamoring to wear them come December.
Melody's PJs are my favorite outfit from her collection! They're adorable!
I finally got around to measuring the Bitty Baby dolls at the store. And, good news! They're the exact same size as Babydoll! Babydoll is thrilled because that means she can get cute new clothes. I decided to start with the new sleeper. It's adorable, and Babydoll has refused to take it off. :-)

And now, for the best part... WellieWishers! That's right! I got Willa and Emerson!
Here's little Willa...
...and little Emerson! They're adorable and I love them!

Here's what I got for them:
Their pajamas are so cute!
I love the new skating outfit!
I decided to get their winter dress as a fun little dress-up outfit.

Time to get everything open!
 Peace loves her new pajamas! And she loves Tucker too!
Just look at that sweet face!
 And now, it's time to get Willa out!
 All the Wellie dolls come with these foamy booties over their wellies.
 When unboxing Willa, be careful-- there's a little stitch holding her bunny ears to the top of the box that has to be cut. I'm guessing that's to keep them sticking up and perky-looking in store.
 You can't really see in this picture, but the wellies have an R and an L on the bottoms for if you have trouble telling the right and left! I think that's awesome because I am notorious for putting doll shoes on the wrong feet...
 Before you put the box away, be sure to grab the stuff taped to the back! It's the WellieWishers care tag and a little WW pamphlet.
 Here's the care tag!
 And here's the inside. It says pretty much the same thing as the 18-inch version.
 The pamphlet has the WW logo and some cute flowers.
 Inside is a little blurb about the WellieWishers and a picture of the dolls.
 The back features a short version of the blurb in Spanish and French.
Unlike the 18-inchers, the Wellies have these plastic head-shaped molds behind their heads.

Now let's open Emerson!

 In the back of the box, the doll is secured by a white cord around this black plastic thing.
 I didn't get a picture of this for Willa, but here's Emerson with her feet still strapped in. You have to get off the rubber band, and then take off the foamy booties...
 ...two layers of them...
 ...until the doll's wellies are revealed!
 Unfortunately, the darker pink designs have bled a little onto the lighter pink.
 It's honestly not that bad, though, and these boots are still adorable.
Oh, and remember my note about Melody's garden being great for the Wellie girls? Check it out! Willa loves it!

On to opening the Wellies' outfits!
 Up first, the pajamas!
 The Wellie clothes are held into the package with little stitches you have to cut. They're a little tricky to do without cutting the clothes. I would recommend younger kids get an adult's help with this.
 Out of the box, the slippers are adorable! The little birds are such a cute touch!
 The print on the jammies features flowers, vines, trees, "W" logos, signposts, playhouses, and bunny hutches. Super cute!
 The little buttons and ribbon trim and collar are such cute details!
 Next up, the skating outfit.
 It is awesome! The fluffy little mitts are adorable!
 And now the cute little winter dress!
I noticed that the shoes are the same mold as the ones from the daisy princess outfit, just with a pom-pom sewn over the flower.
Here's the unpacked members of the gang having fun with their new clothes! Peace and Babydoll are trying their new jammies, and Willa and Emmie are trading outfits! (Minus Willa's bunny ears, because Willa wanted to keep those on, and minus Emmie's hairbands, because I haven't taken her hair down from the pigtail loops yet.)

I put the Wellie girls back in their original outfits for a little photoshoot outside:
 Best friends!
 Telling secrets...
 Wellie boots!
 And a little size comparison with MY wellie!
 Emerson loves this sunny yellow flower!
 Willa is stopping to smell the flowers, too!
 Next, the girls climbed a little tree in the backyard.

 "Come on! We have to go water the garden!"
 Two lucky things, wellies and clovers!

Emerson, or Emmie as she sometimes goes by, loves the flowers!

I love everything I got, especially the WellieWisher girls! They're so cute!

There's only one other thing. What should the girls' middle names be? I haven't decided yet! So if you have any suggestions for middle names for Willa or Emerson, be sure to comment them!

Thanks for reading,

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