Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dolloween Costumes 2016!

To celebrate Halloween, the blog American Girl Fan is hosting an awesome giveaway! You just send in a picture of your dolls in their Halloween costumes, and you have a chance to win a $25 AG gift card! Yay!

So I took some pictures of Peace, Willa, and Emerson all dressed up. Check 'em out!

 Trick or treat!
 Emerson is a snow queen in the WellieWishers winter outfit, plus a skewer for a wand.
 Willa is dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood (in wellie boots). Her outfit is from a different doll and is actually a tiny bit too small, but looks good in the pictures.
 I'm going to be Rey for Halloween this year, so of course Peace had to as well. I put her costume together out of some random doll clothes, and I made her arm wraps and shoulder thingies out of leftover fabric from my costume. Her lightsaber I made last May 4th out of brown paper and a hot-glue stick.
 Now they're all ready to go trick-or-treating!
And Becca Louise is ready to answer the door and hand out candy. Yum!

And here's what I'm going to enter in the giveaway! I made a photo collage to send in:

Thanks for reading and have a great Halloween!


Bonus pictures!
While I was taking the above pictures, Hazel was messing around and made a Halloween costume for Hector!
 He's a crossing guard! He's got an orange ribbon sash, and is using the tomato seed packet stake as a stop sign! Too cute!
 Hexy would like to remind everyone to be safe this Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Awesome Find #3: Old AG Doll Shoes at Goodwill Outlet!

On a random trip to the Goodwill outlet recently, I scored!
Two pairs of super-old AG shoes!

I recognized these right away-- they're Mia's meet outfit sneakers! Yesss!

These ones took a little research on the American Girl Wiki to source. Turns out they're from the Sweetheart Skirt Set, a MyAG outfit from 2007. Also, I'm just now realizing as I write this up that Izzy is wearing the straps wrong. Whoops, too late now...

Anyway, I actually turned this into a whole phototshoot. Here we go:
 I tried to model Claire's outfit off of Mia's meet outfit, which is what the shoes came with. Do you think I was close?
Picture: AG, taken from the AG Wiki

I didn't really have anything that looked like what the pink shoes came with, so I just used this PWP dress. I think it looks pretty good!

And a heart rock for the win!

I'm so happy I found these shoes!


Wellies and Leaves -- An Unfinished Photostory + Butterflies at the Zoo

A while ago, I started a photostory of Willa and Emerson making a leaf pile, but never finished it. The pictures are good though, so I thought I'd share them here.

Emerson's coat is from a different doll. The sleeves are a little short, but otherwise it fits well and is adorable!

Also, I went to the zoo recently and took some pictures in the butterfly exhibit. I thought I'd share them because a commenter, Emma, complimented my pictures from Tucker and the Butterflies. Thanks, Emma!

Thanks for keeping up with all these posts!


SAAAAAAAAND: My school canoe trip

Get ready for lots of posts today! It's been a while, and I have lots to share. First up, pictures from the canoe trip my school took last month. We spent three days and two nights canoeing and camping. It was really crazy and exhausting. The highlight (or lowlight) was SO MUCH SAND. I think I was the first person ever to use the "heavy duty" setting on our washing machine. :-P
Anyway, enjoy!
 I'm always a fan of the stereotypical "little plant growing in a less-than-ideal growing place" picture, so here you go. :-)

 Speaking of which, the ground where we camped the first night was super weird. It was like, the sandy ground must have once been muddy but dried quickly, so now it was all desert-y cracked. It crackled when you walked on it, with felt really weird, like what I guess walking on eggshells would feel like.
 It was extra crazy-looking where the crackly sheets had curled up.
 I mean, you could just pick up a curl, and then crumble it into sand.

 Canoes on the beach!
And a river sunset selfie!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to answer the poll!