Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Couple Updates from the AG World

Hi everyone! Just a few odds and ends today I've been thinking about.

First, my visit to AG St. Louis for Gabriela's debut. I haven't been able to get the pictures up from that, but here's the rundown.
-When we arrived, all the staff and customers were just standing around outside and some alarm was going off! An employee explained that it was a mall-wide issue. Whatever happened, it was fixed quickly and we were able to go in afterwards and shop as normal. Weird.
-Gabby's collection was limited to a small back corner, and it didn't seem too popular. True to rumors, it really is packaged differently. I bet that was helping to limit sales. Also, there was no special event or giveaway.
-Willa, Emerson, and Kendall were totally sold out. Only Ashlyn and Camille were displayed.
-I got some cool stuff!
  -V-neck Hoodie (Surprisingly, made out of a stretchy, sporty material)
  -Geo-Print Shorts (Unexpectedly soft)
  -Dream Pajamas
  -Willa's Nature Explorer Set (I forget to get this with her, but it is adorable!)
  -And... Camille! She is so precious! There is something funny about her, though. Her left (my right) eyelashes are off-kilter. I didn't notice until after I brought her home, and I was kind of disappointed. But I looked around online, and it seems like this issue is nearly universal across Camilles. And besides, I've grown pretty attached to her anyway. :-) Still, if anyone else has a Camille with this (or without), I'd love to hear about it. Hmmm...

As far as AG news goes, the fandom is getting ready for the release of Tenney Grant. At Barnes & Noble yesterday, I actually saw three Tenney books (Tenney, Tenney in the Key of Friendship, and Tenney's Journal)! I skimmed the journal, and Tenney seems like a typical nowadays AG character.

I don't know if this is AG news specifically, but Mega Blocks seems to have changed their name to "Mega Construx", which carries over to the AG line.

Lastly, AG has put a bunch of stuff on their sale page, cluing us in to a possible large spring release. It includes several Lea items, so if you missed those before, grab 'em now.

Also on the sale page is this T-shirt:

Does anyone recognize it? Was it some weird promotion? Let me know if you do. Thanks!

And, as always, thanks for reading! You guys are awesome!