Thursday, June 22, 2017

So... The "Summer" (ahem, ahem) Releases 2017

Hey, peoples. I'm feeling a little ticked right now. Not because I just said "peoples" (double plural!), but because the new releases are, mostly, not great. And because I had this whole hilariously critical post written about them, and then Blogger glitched up and wouldn't let me publish it. It's taken to doing this whenever I try to use screenshots, which is I why I haven't posted about the last few sets of new releases. I'm determined to get this one to you, though, so I'm trying something new. The post is written up, with screenshots and all, in Google Docs. Click here to see it. 

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you encounter any problems with the document.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

(yesterday) Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Yesterday was my Izzy's birthday!
Nothin' like a little birthday mac-and-cheese with Penny Panda!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DC Roadtrip, part 3

Right on time, here's the last of the pictures from my trip! These are from the museums.

American History Museum
 This is one of George Washington's actual uniforms! They had so much cool stuff at this museum. The Smithsonian really has a great collection. And only a tiny bit of it is displayed at once!
 For Hamilton fans: everyone's favorite fighting Frenchman!
 "We won! We won! We won! We won!"
 Moving on to the World War II section, Molly recognized a sign for victory gardens! "As long as there's no turnips!"
 This one's a bit of a family inside joke, but crazy little Penny is fascinated by tanks! She knew what she wanted her picture with!
 This one's a little funny: a sculpture of George Washington as a Greek god!
 "Look! Another mini doll, traveled through time to make mischief with me!"
 We also saw this huge dollhouse! It had so many little details!
 (from the coin collection)
 Indiana Jones' hat and whip!
 The famous golden spike!
 A chip of Plymouth rock!
 And the original Bert and Ernie puppets! I am unashamedly a Sesame Street fan.
 Rubber duckie, you're the one...
Finally, a sample of the original polio vaccine!

One of the coolest things I saw at the history museum was the flag that inspired The Star-Spangled Banner. It was huge! Unfortunately, they didn't allow photography of it, but Google it. It's awesome.

Air and Space Museum
 Death Star, anyone?
 Look! Wonder Woman's costume!

 It's a moon rock!
 Meet the Clockmaker: William Cranch Bond! Anyone who's read the Origami Yoda books will get this. I actually got pictures of a variety of places in the museum mentioned in the books, but most are just escalators and the like.

 It's the Bell X-1! Show some respect!

 You can see me in the shirt with the star. Star for space, of course!
 In the real Skylab!
 Space M&M's!
 I thought this was, like, SpaghettiOs. It's actually fruity cereal.
 You can see where the icon for Pluto was...
Spotted in the gift shop: I can be a backpack while you run!

Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed my DC trip!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ocean Dreamer - a photoshoot

Just as I promised, here's Camille's long-overdue profile photoshoot. I rounded up a variety of ocean-themed items from my room for props, and Camille and I headed out to the back deck. Enjoy!

 I also tried to get some shots to show the difference between Camille's eyelashes that I mentioned earlier. Here's Camille's normal right eye. Notice how the left end of her eyelashes is right up against the left edge of the eye socket. And the right end (toward the middle of her face) lines up with the edge of her pupil.
 On her other eye, there's a space between the edge of the eye socket and the eyelash. And the towards-her-nose end lines up more with her pupil than her iris.

 In real life, if you know what you're looking for, it's definitely noticeable, but not bad enough to be distracting from her cute face. Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think in the comments. I have looked at pictures of other Camilles online, and it seems like a pretty universal issue. But it doesn't appear on other Wellies. Weird. Maybe it has something to do with her little freckle (which my Cammie calls her "polka-dot")? Oh well. Camille's still adorable. Enjoy the rest of the pics!
A kiss from a fish ocarina! (An ocarina is a small instrument that's like a cross between a whistle and recorder. )
 Camille's little sea-star clip works much better along with a braid than alone. Alone, it tends to slip out of her smooth, straight hair. French braids in particular work well for Cammie.
 Chillin' with Seahorse!
 This isn't really sea glass, just alley glass, but it gets the point across. Camille still thinks it's pretty!
 An old friend gave me this jar of white sand and shells from his vacation to Florida years ago. What a great prop for Camille!

 A different old friend gave me this little corked jar with green sand from a trip she went on. Its smaller size is perfect for Camille.

Thanks for reading! Hop on over to Meet the Dolls to see which picture I chose for Camille's profile!
Smiles, Lissie

DC Roadtrip, part 2

Mini Molly's adventures continue! Today, some pictures of the National Mall. These aren't in the order I took them because you can get many different views of each monument from different places on the Mall, so I was often turning around to take more shots of stuff I had already visited. I'll organize them here by subject. Enjoy, and get ready for lots of photos!

Lincoln Memorial
 Just like on the penny!

 This is apparently where Dr. King stood to make his famous speech. What a great place to be!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Mini Molly stops to pay her respects. Thank you.

Declaration of Independence Memorial

 Look! It's John Hancock's John Hancock! Classic.

This random statue of Albert Einstein
Can you see Molly?

National Academy of Sciences
 Look! It's Darwin!

Washington Monument

 Getting pictures from this point of view was tricky. Cars kept going by. You can see a van on the left here.

From here, we could see the White House!
 I was going for the two-part image thing here. What do you think?

World War II Memorial
This was a necessary stop, traveling with Molly and all.

 Of course, Molly wanted a picture with Illinois...
 And Hazel's Mini Saige found New Mexico!
That's me! I'm getting my braces off soon. In fact, I'm going to the orthodontist this afternoon. We'll see what she says!
Capitol Building

There are a lot of ducks in DC. The ducklings are adorable!

I'm also going to add in here my pictures of the Flight 93 Memorial (9/11). It's not in DC, but we visited it on the road part of our road trip. It was very informational and honest yet respectful to the civilian heroes who died.

 They put that boulder right where the plane crashed. The crater's long been filled in, but in person you can see where the grass is a different color. They keep just that part mowed.
 They have all the names of the innocent people who died, but this one was especially tragic.
 Isn't that just sad?
It was a somber place to visit, but I learned a lot. I learned a lot on the whole DC trip, actually--about history, and about our country and how things have changed.

Well, thanks for reading. I'm thinking one more post should get the rest of the pictures.
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