Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DC Roadtrip, part 3

Right on time, here's the last of the pictures from my trip! These are from the museums.

American History Museum
 This is one of George Washington's actual uniforms! They had so much cool stuff at this museum. The Smithsonian really has a great collection. And only a tiny bit of it is displayed at once!
 For Hamilton fans: everyone's favorite fighting Frenchman!
 "We won! We won! We won! We won!"
 Moving on to the World War II section, Molly recognized a sign for victory gardens! "As long as there's no turnips!"
 This one's a bit of a family inside joke, but crazy little Penny is fascinated by tanks! She knew what she wanted her picture with!
 This one's a little funny: a sculpture of George Washington as a Greek god!
 "Look! Another mini doll, traveled through time to make mischief with me!"
 We also saw this huge dollhouse! It had so many little details!
 (from the coin collection)
 Indiana Jones' hat and whip!
 The famous golden spike!
 A chip of Plymouth rock!
 And the original Bert and Ernie puppets! I am unashamedly a Sesame Street fan.
 Rubber duckie, you're the one...
Finally, a sample of the original polio vaccine!

One of the coolest things I saw at the history museum was the flag that inspired The Star-Spangled Banner. It was huge! Unfortunately, they didn't allow photography of it, but Google it. It's awesome.

Air and Space Museum
 Death Star, anyone?
 Look! Wonder Woman's costume!

 It's a moon rock!
 Meet the Clockmaker: William Cranch Bond! Anyone who's read the Origami Yoda books will get this. I actually got pictures of a variety of places in the museum mentioned in the books, but most are just escalators and the like.

 It's the Bell X-1! Show some respect!

 You can see me in the shirt with the star. Star for space, of course!
 In the real Skylab!
 Space M&M's!
 I thought this was, like, SpaghettiOs. It's actually fruity cereal.
 You can see where the icon for Pluto was...
Spotted in the gift shop: I can be a backpack while you run!

Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed my DC trip!

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