Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ocean Dreamer - a photoshoot

Just as I promised, here's Camille's long-overdue profile photoshoot. I rounded up a variety of ocean-themed items from my room for props, and Camille and I headed out to the back deck. Enjoy!

 I also tried to get some shots to show the difference between Camille's eyelashes that I mentioned earlier. Here's Camille's normal right eye. Notice how the left end of her eyelashes is right up against the left edge of the eye socket. And the right end (toward the middle of her face) lines up with the edge of her pupil.
 On her other eye, there's a space between the edge of the eye socket and the eyelash. And the towards-her-nose end lines up more with her pupil than her iris.

 In real life, if you know what you're looking for, it's definitely noticeable, but not bad enough to be distracting from her cute face. Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think in the comments. I have looked at pictures of other Camilles online, and it seems like a pretty universal issue. But it doesn't appear on other Wellies. Weird. Maybe it has something to do with her little freckle (which my Cammie calls her "polka-dot")? Oh well. Camille's still adorable. Enjoy the rest of the pics!
A kiss from a fish ocarina! (An ocarina is a small instrument that's like a cross between a whistle and recorder. )
 Camille's little sea-star clip works much better along with a braid than alone. Alone, it tends to slip out of her smooth, straight hair. French braids in particular work well for Cammie.
 Chillin' with Seahorse!
 This isn't really sea glass, just alley glass, but it gets the point across. Camille still thinks it's pretty!
 An old friend gave me this jar of white sand and shells from his vacation to Florida years ago. What a great prop for Camille!

 A different old friend gave me this little corked jar with green sand from a trip she went on. Its smaller size is perfect for Camille.

Thanks for reading! Hop on over to Meet the Dolls to see which picture I chose for Camille's profile!
Smiles, Lissie

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