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You can call me Lissie. I'm an autistic teenage girl who loves dolls, reading, writing, and a bunch of other stuff. I live with my mom, dad, younger sister (you can call her Hazel) and younger brother (you can call him Reid).

My American Girl story all started back in preschool, when my mom got a big paper sack full of AG books at a garage sale. It consisted of each character's (at the time) meet book, and a few other random ones. We checked out the ones we didn't have from the library, and read them all over the next couple of years. Then, when Hazel was old enough, she read them. We loved them, but we weren't really aware of the dolls, other than a Mini Marie-Grace I was given for my birthday at one point.

Then in October 2011, my family randomly got an American Girl catalog. Hazel and I liked looking through it, but we didn't think we wanted dolls or anything. We were happy with our Corolle babydolls: Babydoll (mine) and Lollipop (Hazel's). We loved them, and you could tell.

Well, the following summer we moved. Bored and away from our friends and everything else we liked to do, Hazel and I went through a myriad of different activities in the next few months, trying to find something to do. Dance, gymnastics, drawing, Plants vs. Zombies (it's a computer game and it's pretty fun, go look it up)... but we kept coming back to that AG catalog. Then we got another in the mail (at our new address!), and another. We were hooked. Mom let me subscribe to the AG magazine. And we soon decided we wanted dolls.

The original plan was for Mom to pay for half of our new dolls, and we'd pay for the other half. But then December rolled around, and somehow it was decided that we could ask for them for Christmas.

So, the morning of December 25, 2012, I got Peace, my lookalike doll. It was a young girl's dream come true! Hazel got her lookalike as well, and they were immediately our new favorite toys (well, along with the babydolls). There followed so many happy hours of play, dress-up, adventure, travel, and fun on InnerstarU.

I didn't know there was any kind of fandom, though. I didn't know that people took pictures of their dolls or connected with other collectors. But in March of the next year, Mom went on a business trip to Seattle. Somehow it was decided that Hazel would come with her, and of course that meant a trip to the AG store for her. I'll admit, I was jealous. I watched a few videos on YouTube of the store, trying to feel better.

And then I saw it. It was a stopmotion video on YouTube. Of American Girl dolls. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find that first video since! It was about what your dolls do when you're not home, and I watched it many times. Than I started watching more videos. I discovered favorites like basilmentos, FiveDollStars, and more. I thought it was AMAZING! The collections these people had, the stories they came up with, and the way they brought them to life! I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of the community, and I daydreamed about building a collection.

That summer, AG announced that Molly and Emily would be retiring. I was like, meh, okay. This wasn't a big deal to me. But then I ended up watching a ton of YouTube videos of Molly. The one that finally convinced me was a photoshoot of her at a beach, done by FiveDollStars. I knew then that I was going to regret it if I didn't get that doll. And so I decided I wanted her.

Meanwhile, I had fun and spent hours making a little dollhouse in the corner of my room for Peace to live in. That little doll area was grown and renovated and redone many times, and I spent lots of time in it.

Anyway, I had planned to ask for Molly that Christmas (2013). And that's what I did. But then, when my mom went to do the Cyber Monday shopping, she gave me bad news: Molly had sold out. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. Mom said I could choose a different doll for my present instead, and I ended up choosing Alyssa, and I love her. It was a great Christmas after all.

But Molly was still on my mind, and I kept searching eBay. Meanwhile, I had lots more fun, including going to the AG store for myself in April 2014, and getting Izzy there, bringing my total to three 18-inchers. When she first came out, I really didn't like her, but she grew on me, thanks to tons of cute pictures online. I also gave Izzy watercolor freckles, which only made her cuter. She has a small wig defect, but I love her anyway.

That Christmas, I asked for Claire, but was very surprised (and happy!) to receive Molly (purchased by my parents on eBay) instead! I was so glad that I finally had her. I actually still haven't taken her original braids out, but they've gotten kind of scruffy. I wonder how long they'll last...

As 2015 went on, I got more and more into taking pictures of my dolls. Some of my early attempts were actually pretty good. You can read the "photo round-up" posts on my blog to see some of them. For Christmas that year I got Claire, who holds the record for the doll that I wanted for the longest time before actually getting (just shy of three years). You would think Molly holds that title, but nope!

2016 brought a pretty exciting development: I finally started this blog! I had been thinking about what to call it for a while, but in the end, Doll Stories just seemed like the obvious choice. The name comes from "telling doll stories", something Hazel and I used to do. When we had to be away from our dolls, like in the car or while on a walk, we would come up with some elaborate plot with all of them involved, and then tell the story back and forth, each creating the dialogue for our own dolls. (That evolved from Babydoll and Lollipop's Great Adventures, similar stories we'd tell with our grandmother, Gammo, about the babies, pre-18-inchers.)

It wasn't much later that Becca Louise joined the family. Her backstory is that Gammo used to sew us doll clothes, and she used Becca Louise as a model. Becca is a Springfield Emma, who got her name from what our uncle's name would have been, had he been a girl. Anyway, Gammo couldn't sew anymore, so she gave Becca to us. Becca now mostly resides with my dolls, because when I play with my siblings, it's usually in my room, but technically we all share her.

Finally, I moved again. I really like my new home. It's oceans better than that small town we were stuck in for four years. For one, we're close to an AG store! In fact, on my very first trip to said store after the move, I purchased Willa and Emerson, my first two darling WellieWishers!

I fell in love with the Wellies after that. Shortly after New Year's 2017, I acquired Camille, my third Wellie. Despite her eyelash defect, she, with her other Wellie friends, make me ridiculously happy.  I got Ashlyn in October 2017, bringing the 14-inch gang to 4.

I've also become more interested lately in adding other brands of dolls to my collection. My first Lottie joined the family on New Years' Eve 2017, and I love her! It doesn't mean I'm leaving the AGs behind, though. I got Kendall in February of 2018, completing my WellieWisher group. They're great!

And that just about brings us up to the present day! Thanks for reading! I'm excited for the future of this blog, and for all the fun to come!


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