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You can call me Lissie. I'm an autistic teenage girl who loves dolls, reading, writing, and a bunch of other stuff. I live with my mom, dad, younger sister (you can call her Hazel) and younger brother (you can call him Reid).

My doll-collecting story all started back in preschool, when my mom got a big paper sack full of AG books at a garage sale. It consisted of each character's (at the time) meet book, and a few other random ones. We checked out the ones we didn't have from the library, and read them all over the next couple of years. Then, when Hazel was old enough, she read them. We loved them, but we weren't really aware of the dolls, other than a Mini Marie-Grace I was given for my birthday at one point.

Then in October 2011, my family randomly got an American Girl catalog. Hazel and I liked looking through it, but we didn't think we wanted dolls or anything. We were happy with our Corolle babydolls: Babydoll (mine) and Lollipop (Hazel's). We loved them, and you could tell.

Well, the following summer we moved. Bored and away from our friends and everything else we liked to do, Hazel and I went through a myriad of different activities in the next few months, trying to find something to do. We kept coming back to that AG catalog. Then we got another in the mail (at our new address!), and another. We were hooked. Mom let me subscribe to the AG magazine. And we soon decided we wanted dolls.

So, Christmas morning of 2012, I got Peace, my lookalike doll. It was a young girl's dream come true! Hazel got her lookalike as well, and they immediately joined the ranks of our favorite toys. There followed so many happy hours of play, dress-up, adventure, travel, and fun on InnerstarU. I wish I could tell the story of how Peace got her name, but it unfortunately would involve revealing too much personal information.

Peace wasn't the first doll I ever owned--there was Mini Marie-Grace, and Babydoll, and before that a doll named Hector, who I still have--but I would say that Peace really jump-started my interest in doll-collecting, especially after I discovered the online AG community and started doing a bunch of photography with her.

Fast-forward through several years of acquiring more dolls and improving my photography and writing...

In 2016, I finally started this blog! I had been thinking about what to call it for a while, but in the end, Doll Stories just seemed like the obvious choice. The name comes from "telling doll stories", something Hazel and I used to do. When we had to be away from our dolls, like in the car or while on a walk, we would come up with some elaborate plot with all of them involved, and then tell the story back and forth, each creating the dialogue for our own dolls. (That evolved from Babydoll and Lollipop's Great Adventures, similar stories we'd tell with our grandmother, Gammo, about the babies, pre-18-inchers.)

As the years have gone by, I've enjoyed expanding my collection, helped by another move, this one to a bigger city with an AG store nearby. (Which has closed since, but oh, well...) I've collected the WellieWishers, and more recently Lottie dolls, too. A few other brands are also on my radar, like Maplelea. Who knows where my collection will go next?

And that just about brings us up to the present day! Thanks for reading! I'm excited for the future of this blog, and for all the fun to come!


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