Lirii Hollow

Lirii Hollow is a photostory series for summer 2016, which is currently on hiatus.

Lirii Hollow stars Claire Findley as Aevlia Arden, a twelve-year-old girl who thinks that, besides the fact that she's been an orphan since she was four and she's lived in a group home ever since, she's completely ordinary. But one summer, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and so she packs her bag, hops a van, and sets off for the greatest adventure ever. At Camp Lirii Hollow, she finds not only new friends, new activities, and magic behind every tree, but also that maybe she's not so ordinary after all.

You can find all the episodes right here, in order with the newest first.

Hiatus Notice
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1
Announcement Post

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