Meet the Dolls

I have five 18" American Girl dolls. I also have five WellieWishers, three AG minis, a Corolle babydoll, another babydoll (brand unknown), and one Lottie doll, plus one Springfield Collection doll my siblings and I share. Together they make up the Findley family, and you can meet them all here!

The last name Findley, in case you were wondering, is a respelling of the last name of my very first friend, a fitting choice since dolls are friends too!

This page last updated 6/8/18: How could I have forgotten Molly's struggles with swimming underwater? And math facts?

Peace Luna Findley
Birthday: January **
Age: 12
Acquired: Received for Christmas 2012

Peace is my mini-me, except that she has long hair. :-)

Peace has autism!

Peace is the storyteller of the family. She loves to express herself through writing, performing, and coming up with complex ideas in her head. She's not very talkative around strangers, but don't you dare write her off as boring or a pushover. She's curious and adventurous, fiercely independent and very opinionated, and loves a good debate.
Peace is clever and creative. She does well in the academic part of school without really trying, thanks to her excellent memory, but the social part doesn't always happen for her. People sometimes get mad at her for being bossy or rude, since she's not one to hold back criticism, but they just don't realize that she's working hard to put up with their nonsense.
In general, you do want Peace around. She has brilliant ideas, and you can always count on her to get stuff done--or to challenge you to a fierce competition.

Dislikes: Grammar/spelling/punctuation errors, uncomfortable clothes, people who assume she's sad just because she doesn't talk much, pushovers, brushing her hair, uncertain schedules, getting water stuck in her ear, the sound of chewing, apologies, her seasonal allergies, people expecting her to try to be like the neurotypicals (ew, why would she want to?)

Hobbies: reading, photography, writing, swimming, skiing, AG dolls, stuffed animals, climbing on stuff, musical theater, singing, surfing the Internet, adventuring, games, space

Alyssa Forrest Findley
Birthday: March 1
Age: 12
Acquired: Received for Christmas 2013

Alyssa, out of all the dolls, is the one the rest turn to when they're upset or need help. She can always tell how someone is feeling, and she always knows just what to say to make them feel better.  She's thoughtful, funny, and open-minded, and loves to make new friends.
When she's not chatting with the other dolls (or even when she is), she likes mix-and-matching new outfits from the family's large wardrobe, talking walks and hikes outside, and singing--in her mind, any get-together can be improved with karaoke!

Dislikes: grouchy people, when her curly hair doesn't behave, being ignored, people who say they "don't like music"

Hobbies: helping out, stuffed animals, AG dolls, singing, hiking, mix-and-matching clothes

Isabelle Aster "Izzy, ZyZy" Palmer-Findley
Birthday: June 16
Age: 12
Acquired: Purchased by me @ AGP Seattle April 2014

Izzy has custom watercolor freckles!

Izzy is silly, creative, and sweet, and she really cares about her friends. She's very friendly and fun, and everyone finds her easy to get along with, except if they interrupt her while she's dancing! She likes fashion, dance, and hanging out with her friends, but she's not above a good romp in the garden, too, which everyone likes about her.

Dislikes: scratched CDs, being interrupted while she's dancing, teasing and snobs

Hobbies: ballet, modern dance, fashion design, AG dolls

Molly Jean McIntire-Findley
Birthday: April 22
Age: 11
Acquired: Received for Christmas 2014

Molly wears glasses, which to her is sometimes annoying but still something to be proud of!

Molly is sweet, spunky, helpful, and patriotic. She can be rather old-fashioned at times, since she came here from the 1940s, but she's really nice. She's always ready to pitch in with her sisters and friends and help out a good cause, whether it's cheering up a neighbor, collecting scrap metal, or planting a victory garden.

Dislikes: turnips, being ignored, rationing, memorizing math facts, swimming underwater (but she's working on it)

Hobbies: volunteering, baking, spelling, tap-dancing

Claire Linnea Findley
Birthday: July 28
Age: 11
Acquired: Received for Christmas 2015

Claire is a time traveler! After her time machine broke, she was stranded in the year 2015 (she's from 2014) and had to stay with the Findleys while she fixed it. But she ended up being great friends with them and decided to stay! When she's not tinkering with her time machine, she likes to spend time outdoors. She is outgoing, clever, active, and outdoorsy, and is always up for an adventure.

Dislikes: people who don't like the outdoors, running out of supplies in the middle of a project

Hobbies: time traveling, working on her time machine, hiking, photography, swimming, diving, climbing trees, babysitting, soccer

 Willa Fern
Age: 7
Acquired: Purchased by me @ AGP St. Louis August 2016

Willa has autism!

Willa loves the outdoors! You can always find her climbing a tree, watching animals, or working in the garden. She's sweet and silly and thoughtful, too. She's quieter than her friends and sometimes has trouble communicating, but when she uses her words, she always turns out to have a good idea ready to share.

Dislikes: talking about her problems, criticism, her pollen allergies

Hobbies: Gardening, animals, dress-up, singing, nature walks

Emerson Keiko "Emmie"
Age: 7
Acquired: Purchased by me @ AGP St. Louis August 2016

Emerson is Japanese, and is very proud of her heritage!

Spunky and enthusiastic, Emerson is a little ball of energy. In addition to gardening, she loves to perform, and can always bring a smile to her friends' faces with a joke or a good dance move. Emmie always wants to be the star of the show; she tries hard to share the spotlight with her friends and appreciate their talents, too.

Dislikes: when people don't want to perform with her, when her big plans don't work out

Hobbies: Gardening, dress-up, ballet, comedy, ice-skating, singing


Camille Marguerite "Cammie"
Age: 7
Acquired: Purchased by me @ AGP St. Louis January 2017

Camille is a little girl with an imagination the size of the ocean! She's always happiest when she's dressing up and dreaming she's a mermaid. When her head's not up in the clouds or under the sea, she's a great listener, and her friends can always count on her to cheer them up.

Dislikes: people who try to tell her she's not really a mermaid, inclement weather when she wants to go swimming

Hobbies: Gardening, dress-up, swimming, helping out, singing

Ashlyn Maeve
Age: 7
Acquired: Purchased by me @ AGP St. Louis October 2017

I'm not exactly sure about Ashlyn's heritage.

If Ashlyn had her way, people would call her "Princess Ashlyn" all the time. Her favorite accessory is a tiara, and her tea parties, of course, are second to none and never fail to bring a smile to her friends' faces. Unfortunately, Ashlyn doesn't always have her way. She likes to plan everything out exactly, and when her plans don't work out, she can get somewhat anxious. Good thing she's got such a great group of friends to make any situation better.

Dislikes: people who tell her she can't be a princess, when things don't go according to plan

Hobbies: Gardening, dress-up, singing, tea parties, "princess-y" things

Kendall August
Age: 7
Acquired: Purchased by me @ AGP St. Louis February 2018

Kendall is the first African-American doll to join the group. I'm glad to have more diversity in my collection!

Creative Kendall is always chock-full of big, brilliant ideas to share with her friends. She loves building things with her precious toolkit and repurposing old junk into something fun! She's friendly and always open to new ideas, and she loves bright colors. Kendall's friends know they can count on her to solve any problem.

Dislikes: people who aren't open to new ideas or solutions, nuts (she's allergic)

Hobbies: Gardening, dress-up, singing, building, crafting, painting

Mini Marie-Grace "Marace, MG" Gardner
Acquired: Received for birthday 2012

You can never be sure what Mini Marie-Grace is up to. Like the rest of her mini friends, she loves playing pranks and making mischief. She'll usually go along with what Mini Molly says. Technically, Alyssa owns MG, but the minis refuse to go along with that sort of thing.

 Mini Molly MacIntire
Acquired: Received for Christmas 2013

Mini Molly should be wearing her glasses, but she never cooperates with that.

Despite not being the first arrival, Mini Molly is sort of the leader of the minis. She's always directing the others in some crazy plot for world (or at least dollhouse) domination. She will never ever admit that Peace owns her. She's sure that she owns the minis' little plush dino, but the other minis protest that. She's also very well-traveled, as I like to take her on trips. She's been nearly everywhere I have, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Gulf of Mexico to the Washington Monument, a fact she likes to hold over the other minis.

Mini Kirsten Larson
 Acquired: Purchased by me online March 2016

The newest member of the mini gang is mini Kirsten, who stands out somewhat due to her vinyl body (the other two have soft bodies). While she loves pranks too, she's the only mini that will listen to the 18-inchers. She can be kind of sweet, which makes Izzy feel lucky to own her. Don't let your guard too far down, though--Kirsten has a real habit of sneaking chocolate chips in her little apron.

Babydoll (Corolle 2004 limited edition baby)
Birthday: January **
Age: 2 1/2
Acquired: Received when Hazel was born

Babydoll is a very sweet baby, but she has a playful streak too! She has a big imagination, and is always up for adventure. For some reason, she collects coupons to various places and plays with them in her games.

Hector "Hexy"
Age: 6 months
Acquired: Found at an art gallery when I was one. Someone had left him there and not come back for him! My dad named him. And he was actually my very first doll!

We don't know much about Hector's personality since he's so little, but we do know he really looks up to his big sisters and is very sweet.

Charlotte Matilda "Lottie" (Lottie Stargazer)
Age: 10
Acquired: Purchased myself online December 2017

Lottie's not afraid to be a trailblazer, which is lucky because she's a real stand-out in the doll family. She's the first of her brand to come to this house, the first of her size, the first from Ireland. She's also smashing stereotypes--she's a girl who loves science, especially astronomy, equipped with her trusty telescope. She's a sweet girl after my own heart, always up for an outdoor adventure in her favorite hat.

Dislikes: any kind of "STEM is for boys" nonsense, indecisiveness

Hobbies: space, adventures, working on her treehouse

Shared with my siblings:

Rebecca Louise "Becca Louise" ****** (Springfield Collection Emma)
Birthday: August *
Age: 9
Acquired: Gift to my family from Gammo (grandmother) February 2016

Becca Louise is a very sweet girl. She is friendly and silly and creative and is actually based off of my mom when she was a kid! Only, unlike Mom, she [sort of] has her own talk show, called "Becca Louise on the Ironing Board"! ...But each episode usually ends in some kind of mishap!

Dislikes: discrimination against off-brands, shoes (most don't fit her well)

Hobbies: papercrafting, scrapbooking, sewing, ballet, trying to host her talk show

A note about Becca Louise: She previously belonged to our grandmother, Gammo, who used her as a model when she used to sew doll clothes for us. But Gammo doesn't do that anymore, and so she gave Becca to us! Becca usually stays in my dollhouse, since when I play with my siblings, it's usually in my room, though sometimes she visits Hazel's and Reid's rooms. She's not in as many pictures, but she has lots of fun adventures!


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    Ashlyn Taylor

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