My Favorite Links

A list of my favorite dolly resources, blogs, channels, and other stuff!

Official Websites:
American Girl - Shopping, games
Maplelea - Shopping

Other Sites:
American Girl Wiki - News, resources
American Girl Collectors - News, resources, photos. Language is sometimes not child-friendly.
American Girl Playthings - Resources (inactive)
American Girl Playthings Message Board - Reviews

Lissie & Lilly  - News, resources, photostories
Small Dolls in a Big World - News, photostories, photoshoots
Miss Molly and Friends - Photostories (inactive)
DollyDormDiaries - Photostories (inactive)
Doll Diaries  - Crafts, Camp Doll Diaries (retired)
The Toy Box Philosopher - Reviews, projects
Super Inky! - Photostories
Doll Fun 4 Everyone  - Photoshoots, videos (possibly inactive)
Doll Mag - Crafts, news (inactive)
Mini Mad! - Customs, crafts, random finds
Poppets & Posies - News
Teatime with Melody Q - Photostories, tea reviews
Candidly Charlie - Photostories (inactive)
The Adventures of Steampunk Addie - Opinions, reviews, cultural references
Kiki's Korner - Photostories (inactive)
American Girl Fan - News, photos, crafts, reviews
Doll Days  - Crafts, photostories, news
Journey Girl Adventures - Photostories, reviews
Logan's Ladies - Photostories, My Twinn resources (not really a blog)
Canadian Doll Notebook - Reviews
My Dolly Addiction - Travel, reviews
Dreaming of Dolls - Sewing, resources
Miss Nikki's Dolls - Notes on working at AG (inactive)
She'll Go Down in Herstory - Photostories, photoshoots, history
The Mouse Lair - Reviews

YouTube Channels:
basilmentos - Stopmotions
FiveDollStars - Stopmotions
mixiepixie7 - Stopmotions
Laughternoons - Stopmotions (inactive)
justsmilestudios  - Stopmotions (inactive)
ocm8productions - Live-action stories (possibly inactive)
DarlingDollies - Stopmotions (inactive)
MyFroggyStuff - Crafts, live-action stories, vlogs
HeartAG - Stopmotions (inactive)
4HappyHippos - Stopmotions, behind-the-scenes

Did you know that I have another blog/site? It's all about games!
Supernova Games


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I will have to check out your site too❤

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for following me!

  2. I nominated you for the vlogging tag!

    1. Thanks! I'll give it a try!