My Favorite Links

A list of my favorite dolly resources, blogs, channels, and other stuff!
Official Websites:
American Girl - The official AG website, of course! You can play some games or look at products online.
Maplelea - I don't own anything from Maplelea, but one day I'd like to. Their stuff is apparently super high-quality, and I would wear a lot of the styles in my size!

Other Sites:
American Girl Wiki - This is a great resource for looking up older American Girl items or keeping up to date on new releases... or just a way to spend some time clicking the "random page" button and seeing what comes up. It's like Wikipedia, but all about AG.
American Girl Collectors - A forum that I am not a member of, but that I sometimes like to peruse for information. Be aware, the members sometimes use language that's not child-friendly.

Lissie & Lilly  - Posts here can be infrequent, coming from a busy medical school student, but when one comes up you're in for a treat. There's comments on new leaks and releases and lengthy photostories, all of it hilarious. This blog's also a great resource on older AG stuff.
Small Dolls in a Big World - A "little bit of everything" blog run by two sisters with a beautiful doll collection between them. Look here for up-to-date news and frequent photostories. They're great photographers, too.
Miss Molly and Friends - This one seems to have gone on hiatus, as there hasn't been anything new in a while, but there are some very sweet photostories following the adventures of a close-knit group of historical dolls.
Happy House of AG - The musings (usually photoshoots) of a somewhat annoyingly self-critical teenage girl. Sometimes there's interesting stuff, though, which is why I haven't unfollowed yet.
DollyDormDiaries - High-quality photostories told from the point of view of various dolls. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any activity here in a while. They're fun to read back through, though.
Doll Diaries  - The owner of this site has retired from blogging, but there's (probably) literally thousands of awesome craft projects for dolls. They also hosted the hugely popular Camp Doll Diaries, which is fun to look back at.
The Toy Box Philosopher - Entertaining, in-depth reviews of just about any kind of doll you can think of. Even when you're not even remotely interested in purchasing the doll being reviewed, reading them is a fun way to spend some time. The blogger even takes on doll-related "projects" which are fun to follow.
Super Inky! - This blog features adorable photostories from the point of view of Inky, an NYC-based doll who loves traveling and spending time with her many friends. Oh, and Uglydoll plushes. Lots of those.
Doll Fun 4 Everyone  - Not my absolute favorite blog, but she featured me on her "other cool blogs" list. Thank you!
Doll Mag - These two sisters used to publish a monthly free online magazine about American Girl stuff, as well as regular blog posts. They seem to have stopped, but, like some other of these blogs, you can still look back at them.
Mini Mad! - A fun blog with a variety of posts, including customizations, outfits of the day, and doll-sized finds.
Poppets & Posies - This one's mostly news and leaks--and boy, is there a lot of it! There are some good reviews, too. An all-around solid blog.
Teatime with Melody Q - A mix of doll photostories and tea reviews (also in doll photostory form, though).
Candidly Charlie - All photostories, from the point of view of a sweet, nerdy doll named Charlie. Nothing new in a while, though.
The Adventures of Steampunk Addie - This blogger took AG's Addy, changed the spelling of her name, and steampunkified (?) her story, then made her the star of this sassy blog, full of history, science, and Doctor Who references.
Kiki's Korner - Another one with not much activity lately. Some cute photostories, though!
American Girl Fan - A mix of news, photos, crafts, and other cute stuff from a young-at-heart collector. There's tons of cool giveaways and community features, too!
Doll Days  - Adorable crafts and photostories, plus news! The photography is great, too. Just be paitent--the site always takes a little while to load and seems to not work properly on mobile devices. It's worth it, though.
Journey Girl Adventures - Even though I'm not very interested in Journey Girls, I have to appreciate this blogger's adorable photography and in-depth reviews.
Logan's Ladies - Though not technically a blog, this is another site that I love despite the fact that I don't collect the subject matter (in this case, the now-unavailable My Twinn dolls). Just wait 'till you see the adorable comic-style photostories about the adventures of Logan, a precocious My Twinn toddler.
Canadian Doll Notebook - A group of Canadian moms post kid-tested doll reviews and share insights on collecting dolls in Canada.
My Dolly Addiction - A playful collector who really is obsessed shares travel blogs, accompanied by her wide collection of dolls that love to travel with her.
Dreaming of Dolls - A collector shares her tales of sewing and collecting for older AG dolls.
Miss Nikki's Dolls - An inside look at AG and general doll collecting from an employee at an AG boutique in Canada. May be inactive.

YouTube Channels:
basilmentos - She's pretty much known as the gold standard in AGTube, producing amazingly lifelike and heartwarming stopmotions all while in college.
FiveDollStars - Another legend with her own calm and thoughtful style of stopmotioning.
mixiepixie7 - She makes a hilarious stopmotion every weekend that shows life in her hectic but lovable family of dolls.
Laughternoons - Pretty inactive, but I initially subscribed for these two best friends' well-written and emotional series North Shore Studios. I recommend you watch it, along with their other stopmotions.
justsmilestudios  - Wacky stopmotions about an all-Canadian family of dolls. Watch the Winter Olympics one!
ocm8productions - A now-inactive channel once run by a little girl with a silly imagination. Trapped in a Pumpkin! is a great video to watch, especially around Halloween.
DarlingDollies - Again, inactive. Why are so many of my favorites like that? The channel has some nice stopmotions, though.
MyFroggyStuff - On the other end of the posting spectrum, the Froggies post frequent videos, most of them crafts for smaller dolls. Their series starring two polar-opposite Barbie doll sisters, The Darbie Show, is not to be missed.
HeartAG - She's gone inactive and then come back several times. Watch her series Camp Westside Aqua. The only problem is that she never finished it, just left it at the most suspenseful part!
4HappyHippos - Cute and well-done stopmotion movies. Lots of focus on behind-the-scenes stuff.

Did you know that I have another blog/site? It's all about games!
Supernova Games


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